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MIESPPU Organizes Guest Session on "Gen Z and the Future of Finance"

On 8th March 2023, MIESPPU's School of Commerce and Management organized a guest session on "Gen Z and the Future of Finance." The session was conducted by two renowned guest speakers, CA. Dipika Sankhe and Mrs. Manjree Sankhe, who shared their insights on the upcoming trends and diverse career paths in the field of finance. During the session, the speakers also highlighted the technology timeline in finance and areas of disruption.

The guest session was a great learning opportunity for the students, as they got to interact with industry experts and understand the latest developments in the finance sector. The session encouraged the students to explore different career options and helped them to gain a deeper understanding of the finance industry.

We would like to express our gratitude to CA. Dipika Sankhe and Mrs. Manjree Sankhe for sharing their valuable knowledge and making this session possible. MIESPPU remains committed to providing its students with opportunities to learn from industry leaders and expand their knowledge in their respective fields.



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