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Short Term Courses

Continuing education and lifelong learning are the cornerstones of personal and professional success. Reaching your goals requires a modern education that works with your busy schedule. MIE-SPPU offers offers a number of short term courses for working professional, students and people looking to enhance their skills. These certificate / Diploma courses are usually conducted in the evening during weekdays/weekends.



Course Objective

The Course is designed for students to acquire technical knowledge and skills to safe-guard computer systems, network and confidentiality of the data, to build the capability to identify, analyze and remediate computer security breaches, to test and mitigate security vulnerabilities in computer system and build the skills to restrict the availability of the data only to authorized users.

40 Hours
QAR 1000



Course Objective

According to the World Economic Forum, one of the most in-demand careers in 2025 would be in data analytics and therefore wide range of organizations find it as one of the most important skills. 

The Course is designed for the students and working professionals aspiring for data analyst jobs by exposing them to the most recent analytical tools and techniques, the R programming language, the art of creating data visualizations, and the application of statistical and predictive analysis in business environments.

40 Hours
QAR 1000



Course Objective

The Course is designed for those who would like to learn fundamentals of digital marketing tools, online marketing strategies, trailblazing marketing linking social media platforms. The course provides learners how to make strategies for digital marketing weaving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.

40 Hours
QAR 1000


Following are the requirements to enroll for these courses

  1. Must have completed Grade 12 from any curriculum.

  2. Must be willing to spare at least 6 to 8 hours in a week to attend the face to face sessions on campus.

  3. These courses are offered in English. The candidate must be able to communicate in English.

  • What are the short term courses offered?
    · Digital Marketing · Cyber Security · Data Analytics with R
  • What is the duration of the short term courses?
    The Certificate courses will be for a 40 hours each.
  • What is the mode of teaching?
    Online Tutor led. The classes will be held 2-3 times in a week during the evenings.
  • What do we get after the course completion?
    On successfully fulfilling all the requirements of the course, the student will be issued a Certificate from MIE-SPPU Institute of Higher Education, Doha. Qatar.
  • Who can join the course?
    Anybody looking to enhance their skills or further their career prospects. Students, Housewives, working professionals, etc.
  • What is the minimum eligibility for joining the course?
    The candidate must have a high school diploma along with a basic ability to communicate in English.
  • Will there be any assessment?
    There will be ongoing assessments in the form of assignments and projects.
  • Who will teach the course?
    Each course is taught by a team of subject experts.
  • Would the study materials be provided?
    The study material will be provided by the Institute. There are no extra charges for the study material.
  • What is the batch size?
    The batch size will be a maximum of 15 students.
  • What is the course fee?
    The full course fee differs for each course. Here are the details · Company Secretary – QAR 3000 · Finance for Non-Finance Managers – QAR 3000 · Digital Marketing – QAR 4000 · Cyber Security – QAR 4000 · Data Analytics with R – QAR 4000 · Marketing Masterclass – QAR 3000 There is an early bird discount of QAR 500.
  • When are the batches starting
    You may get in touch with the Admissions team by emailing us at or calling us at 55008444/ 33296012
  • I want to know more about the modules covered in each course.
    Please visit to know more details about the course content. For more information, please feel free to contact us at +974 55008444 (mobile) +974 44459888 (Landline)
  • Who is the target audience for the English Proficiency Course?
    This course is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their English language skills, including adults and students preparing for higher education.
  • What are the key focus areas of the course?
    The course focuses on improving listening, speaking, writing, and communication skills, providing a comprehensive approach to English proficiency.
  • Is the course suitable for beginners in English?
    Absolutely. The course caters to individuals with varying proficiency levels, including beginners, offering a structured and supportive learning environment.
  • How will the course help with exam preparation (IELTS and TOEFL)?
    The course includes specialized training to prepare participants for exams like IELTS and TOEFL, with a focus on the specific language skills required for success.
  • What resources and support are provided during the course?
    Participants have access to course materials, multimedia content, and experienced instructors who offer personalized guidance and support throughout the program.
  • Can participants interact with instructors and peers?
    Yes, the course encourages interaction through discussions, group activities, and feedback sessions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the course?
    There course is for adults and students with atleast a high school certificate. The course is open to individuals of all proficiency levels, and instructors tailor the content to meet the unique needs of each participant.
  • How can I enroll in the English Proficiency Course?
    Interested individuals can enroll by visiting our website or call our admissions team at 55008444/ 33296012
  • What distinguishes this course from other language programs?
    This course offers a holistic approach, addressing all language skills, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of adults and students preparing for higher education.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Executive MBA program?
    The interested candidate needs to be a Graduate in any discipline from UGC/AICTE/AIU recognized University/Institution or equivalent with minimum 50% marks AND minimum of work 3 years' experience at managerial / Executive level after results declaration of Graduation Examination till the date of application. Work experience obtained only after graduation results will be considered.
  • Is work experience required for admission to the program?
    Yes, it’s must and a candidate should be currently working. ( Anyone sitting idle after graduation will not be eligible)
  • Can I pursue the Executive MBA program while working full-time?
    Yes. Will be required to attend regular classes in the evening after office hours or in weekend as defined in the class timetable. A minimum of 75% attendance in all academic sessions as a mandatory condition for grant of term to a student. Applicants are requested to ensure that they can fulfill this condition along with their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • What is the class schedule for the Executive MBA program?
    Evening after office hours/weekend Friday and Saturday as specified with respect to different batches.
  • How many courses are included in the program, and what is the course structure?
    Please visit the website to know about the course details
  • Are there any specializations or concentrations available within the Executive MBA program?
    Yes, Majors of specializations are Marketing, Finance, HRM, Systems, Operations and International Business Management
  • What is the admission process for the Executive MBA program?
    Will be finalized by scrutiny of application form by admission committee followed by interview if required either online or offline.
  • Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for Executive MBA students?
    At present we do not offer any scholarships for this program. However, we do offer the convenience to pay your annual fee in 4 easy installments.
  • Can I transfer credits from previous academic or professional qualifications?
  • Are there any international study opportunities or exchange programs offered as part of the Executive MBA program?
    While our Executive MBA program primarily focuses on providing a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum delivered on-campus, we are constantly exploring opportunities to enhance the learning experience for our students. We understand the value of international exposure and are actively considering the inclusion of international study opportunities or exchange programs in the future. Our priority is to ensure that any such initiatives align with the needs and goals of our Executive MBA students, and we are committed to continuously improving and expanding our program offerings to provide them with the best educational experience possible.
  • What kind of networking and career development opportunities are available for Executive MBA students?
    Professional developments with Connection to SPPU alumni network
  • Are there any capstone projects or experiential learning components in the program?
    Absolutely! Our Executive MBA program places a strong emphasis on practical, real-world application of knowledge and skills. As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to engage in capstone projects and experiential learning components. These hands-on experiences will enable students to apply the theories and concepts they have learned throughout the program to solve complex business challenges. Through these projects, students will gain valuable insights, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and develop critical thinking skills that are essential for success in today's dynamic business environment. Our goal is to ensure that our Executive MBA graduates are well-prepared to make a significant impact in their organizations and industries.
  • How is the program designed to enhance leadership and managerial skills?
    Through a comprehensive curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, we aim to develop and refine the essential skills needed for effective leadership in today's competitive business landscape. The program includes a combination of core courses and specialized electives that cover a wide range of topics relevant to leadership and management. These courses focus on areas such as strategic thinking, decision-making, organizational behavior, team dynamics, and communication skills. In addition to the coursework, we provide various leadership development initiatives, such as workshops, seminars, and guest speaker sessions, where industry experts and successful business leaders share their insights and experiences. These interactions offer valuable learning opportunities and allow our students to gain practical knowledge from professionals who have excelled in their respective fields. Furthermore, our program encourages active participation in group projects, case studies, and simulations that simulate real-world business scenarios. These activities foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective decision-making skills, all of which are crucial for effective leadership. Overall, our Executive MBA program is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that equips our students with the necessary leadership and managerial skills to excel in their careers and make a positive impact in their organizations.
  • What are the learning resources and support services provided to Executive MBA students?
    We understand the importance of providing comprehensive learning resources and support services to our Executive MBA students. We strive to create an environment that fosters academic excellence and supports their personal and professional growth. As an Executive MBA student, you will have access to a wide range of learning resources. Our university library offers a vast collection of books, journals, research papers, and online databases specifically curated to support your coursework and research needs. Additionally, we provide access to various digital learning platforms and online resources that enhance your learning experience. To further support your academic journey, we have a dedicated faculty team comprising experienced professors and industry experts who are committed to delivering high-quality education. They are available for consultations, mentoring, and guidance to help you succeed academically. Apart from academic support, we offer various support services to cater to the holistic development of our Executive MBA students. Our dedicated student services team is available to address any administrative or logistical queries you may have throughout your program. We also organize networking events, guest lectures, and industry interactions to facilitate professional development and foster valuable connections with peers and industry professionals. Additionally, our career services department provides guidance and support in career planning, job search strategies, and professional development. They offer workshops, resume reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities to help you maximize your career potential. At MIE-SPPU, we are committed to providing a supportive and enriching learning experience for our Executive MBA students. We strive to ensure that you have all the necessary resources, services, and support to excel academically and thrive in your professional journey.
  • What are the courses offered?
    At present, we offer 4 years undergraduate course. These are B.A., B.Com, BBA, B.Sc. For more details on the majors offered please visit the academics section. Visit our admissions page to know about the latest courses being offered at Pune University's Doha Campus.
  • What is the fee structure?
    Visit our Tuition Fee page to know more about the fee for your choice of course.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Yes, we offer scholarships to meritorious students. Visit our scholarship page to know more about the scholarships. Click here
  • Are there any fee concessions?
    Yes, there are fee concessions. Please download the fee concession policy here
  • Do you provide transport facility?
    We provide a free student shuttle service from the nearest metro station (Free Zone Metro Station) to and from the campus on a daily basis.
  • What are the facilities on campus?
    Our state-of-the-art campus has all that you need to make your education a memorable experience. Please visit the campus life page and get first-hand information. Click here
  • I want to know the fee structure
    Pune University, Doha Campus is one of the most affordable higher education institutions in Qatar. You may visit the following link to know more about our Tuition fee Further, there are many concessions and scholarships which will make your study with us even more affordable. Want to know more about Fee Concessions Click here Scholarships Click here
  • Is there any admissions test to get into a course?
    At present we do not conduct entrance tests. Detailed admissions requirements can be found on respective course pages.
  • Do you accept lateral entries
    No, we do not take lateral entries.
  • How can I visit your campus?
    We have a dedicated team of professionals who help you show you around the campus. During your visit you will get the opportunity to see our state-of-the-art campus facilities and also a chance to interact with our staff and students. You may book the campus tour through our online booking system. Book a Campus Tour


Arkan Building Plaza (9 & 10), The Commercial Avenue, Doha, Qatar


44459888 (LANDLINE)





Please take a moment to fill out the form. Our admissions team will get in touch with you to share further details about the course.

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