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Dr. Sabiha Fazalbhoy's Impactful Journey of Empowerment

Updated: Apr 4

In the vibrant realm of educational exchanges, knowledge found a remarkable conduit as Dr. Sabiha Fazalbhoy, an esteemed member of the Management Department at MIE-SPPU Institute of Higher Education, Doha, Qatar, during her visit to India, graced three premier institutions in Pune as a distinguished Guest Speaker. Her engaging sessions transcended traditional academic boundaries, focusing on the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship.

With a seasoned perspective on startups, incubation, the economic significance of entrepreneurship, and the art of crafting solid business plans, Dr. Fazalbhoy effortlessly captivated the attention of a diverse audience. The gatherings were nothing short of grand, with eager minds comprising both undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Management and Commerce domains, along with esteemed faculty members.

The aftermath of these knowledge-rich sessions saw Dr. Fazalbhoy extending her guidance beyond the podium. She dedicated time to counsel, mentor, and nurture aspiring students, igniting the sparks of their startup ideas. Her commitment to fostering these embryonic entrepreneurial concepts left an indelible mark on the attendees, instilling in them a renewed vigor and curiosity.

In a world where mentorship can shape destinies, Dr. Sabiha Fazalbhoy's engagements stand as a beacon of inspiration and guidance. Through her words and actions, she illuminated the path for aspiring entrepreneurs, nurturing their dreams and fueling their aspirations for a brighter future.



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