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Welcoming First Year Students

MIE SPPU Institute of Higher Education, Pune University’s Qatar Campus organized a one-week induction program for fresh entrants to Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce, and Management. The induction programme began with registration followed by an orientation programme on September 10, 2023. Students enthusiastically participated in the programme aimed to familiarize the students with the academic faculty, the campus, facilities and also help students feel comfortable in the new college learning environment. It helps the students to open up, establish a healthy daily routine, create a bond within the group and between teachers and students, and develop awareness, and better understanding for a better future.

The induction program highlighted the importance of academic freedom in studies as compared to school life however, with the freedom comes responsibility and tolerance for others that should be practiced and experienced in a smooth manner.

The induction programme included interesting activities such as talent search, team-building activities, expert lectures, and campus orientation events and also the screening of motivational films. The orientation programme was designed to help students make a smooth transition into the college’s educational system. The program was held from September 10 to 14, 2023.

It was highlighted to all students that to graduate, they must possess academic knowledge, and professional skills but also moral values that make a perfect blend for life after college. This program successfully transitioned participants into a new academic environment, demonstrating confidence in using resources, establishing positive relationships, relating moral values to institutional activities, and feeling confident about a structured learning platform. The growth and accomplishments in the years to come of the newly joined students is eagerly anticipated by the college authorities.



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