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Field Trip to MINA Port

Updated: May 28, 2023

An educational trip is very useful. It enables students to visit different places. The students get an opportunity to learn many things when they go to these places. The educational trip enriches their knowledge and broadens their outlook. On 2nd March 2023 Students of Bachelor of Arts, MIE SPPU, Doha Qatar organized an educational trip. Twenty-five students along with three Faculty members took the trip to MINA PORT.

The Old Doha Port, which had previously been an extremely popular tourist destination, in the span of four years, has now been redeveloped into what is now termed as Mina District. This place gained its popularity during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. It now serves as a permanent port which receives cruise ships.  

The Mina district’s concept design was inspired by the sea shipping containers and the Qatari architecture particularly houses located along the country’s coast. The Mina Port district is seen to have buildings in bright and distinctive colours, and is surrounded by lush green gardens.

There were several shops and boutiques that featured a wide range of products, including apparel, flowers, perfume, carpets, jewellery, antique collections and gift items, in addition to pharmacies, pet shops, supermarkets and other stores. History being an important aspect for the students, the various attractions in the form of art and various stores that displayed a variety of antiques that portrayed the traditions of Qatar and its people, played a great role in enhancing the students’ experience and knowledge about the same. 

The students also visited chabrat al mina, a popular fish market in Mina District which is known for its stunning and beautiful architecture stained-glass top that sells fresh catch of the day where one could relish straight-from-the-sea and flavourful food.

The Mina District is generally perceived as more appealing is due to its accessibility to other popular destinations in Doha such as the Museum of Islamic Art, Box Park and Flag Plaza, the Doha Corniche, and Souq Waqif, among others. The students also could re-live the fifa experience by visiting the souvenir shops as well admiring the decorations which were put up during the time of the world cup. The entire district is extremely scenic, and students were able to enjoy their time there.

Apart from the educational aspect of the trip, the junior and senior students were able to bond by spending time together, talking about their experiences about the trip as well as could learn and understand aspects of the Qatari tradition together. 

Overall, the trip was very pleasant and proved to be an insightful experience for the students.

Fiza Shiadh: 800012

Gina Noronha: 800121



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