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Commerce & Management Club

The Commerce and Management Club at MIE-SPPU is your gateway to a world of opportunities, growth, and professional development. Established with the aim of nurturing tomorrow's business leaders and entrepreneurs, our club is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals with a passion for commerce, management, and innovation.

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At the heart of our club is a commitment to empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to excel in the dynamic worlds of commerce and management. We are dedicated to:

  • Fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Providing valuable networking opportunities with industry experts.

  • Organizing workshops, seminars, and events that enhance practical knowledge.

  • Cultivating leadership skills and teamwork.



Professional Development: To provide members with opportunities for professional growth, including workshops, seminars, and skill-building activities to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in the fields of commerce and management.

Networking: To create a platform for students to connect with industry professionals, alumni, and fellow club members, fostering valuable relationships and industry insights.

Entrepreneurship: To encourage and support entrepreneurial endeavors among club members by providing resources, mentorship, and a supportive community.

Leadership Skills: To help members develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through club activities and leadership roles within the organization.

Industry Insights: To keep members informed about the latest trends, innovations, and developments in the commerce and management sectors through events, guest speakers, and access to industry publications.

Community Involvement: To engage in community service and social responsibility activities to instill a sense of ethics and responsibility among members.

Join Us

Unleash Potential, Foster Excellence

Welcome to the Commerce and Management Club at MIE-SPPU, where education extends beyond the classroom. Our club offers a diverse range of activities to cater to the intellectual, creative, and community-driven interests of our students.

  • 🎨 Creative and Artistic Pursuits:
    Explore your artistic talents in our Logo and Collage Making Competitions. Additionally, test your innovative skills in the Best out of Waste Competition.

  • 🍲 Culinary and Cultural Experiences:
    Join us for a delightful Food Feast (Pot Luck), where diverse cuisines and cultures come together to create a flavorful experience.

  • 🏭 Educational and Industrial Insights:
    Embark on educational and industrial visits to places like Baladna Park, SeaShore Steel & Cables, and Nestle Waters Qatar. Gain firsthand knowledge about various industries and their operations.

  • 💼 Entrepreneurship and Business Development:
    Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit with the Business Busters competition. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs in our Entrepreneurship and Start-ups and Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Commerce guest sessions.

  • 💰 Finance and Economics Insights:
    Delve into the world of finance with our Gen Z and the future of Finance session. Enhance your financial literacy through the Personal Finance Planning session and explore the intricacies of the stock market.

  • 🌱 Social and Community Activities:
    Participate in our First Year Social to welcome new members to the club and foster a sense of community. Additionally, make a positive impact on the environment by joining our Beach Clean Up with DeapQatar Conservation.

Capturing the Essence

Meet the Team

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